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Elephant Super Memory Challenge: Recall This!

4.2 ( 5072 ratings )
Spil Underholdning Kort Familie
Forfatter: Proctele AB
0.99 USD

Elephants supposedly have excellent memory, but this game is not for elephants. Instead this game is for anyone who wants to practice and improve the memory.
Press the start button and be alert. You will see a list of objects to remember. After a while the objects are hidden. Now all you have to do is type the list of objects as you remember them and press Enter. The app will then show the objects again and say if you remembered correctly.
You choose the level of difficulty by selecting how many objects to remember, how long you may spend on memorizing them and how long time you get to type them in. You also choose what type of objects to remember. There is one screen for Letters & Digits, another screen for Colors, a third for Smileys and a fourth for X-es in a grid.
An excellent help-function is included.
Has been tested and confirmed to run on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.